Slovenski Camps

Avoid Nature Deficit Disorder
Make Friends in the Sun

Dodgeball Camp offers a variety of thrilling games found only at our camp. These pioneering activities are fun and educational, teaching crucial skills of teamwork, strategy, and grit. Campers choose their own adventure day by day as they pick from numerous options each period. Campfire each night features singing, dancing, and competitions to determine which cabin will get to stay up latest.

The program at Dodgeball Camp provides aspects of childhood that modern youth often miss. Campers will be outside almost all day, connecting with the natural world and getting plenty of sunlight and clean fresh air. Unstructured time gives kids a chance to use their imagination to entertain themselves. This is key in developing independence from technology.

The nature of the activities at camp forces campers to practice resolving disputes and navigating a variety of social situations on their own. Counselors are careful to prevent bullying or unfairness, but campers are encouraged to find their own solutions as often as possible.

Campers have the opportunity to develop skills such as Sailing & Windsurfing, guitar & ukulele, arts & crafts, and archery.

Slovenski camps is a coed campground. Girls' cabins are separate from boys' cabins, but most activities, free time, and meals are coed.

Read more about our old school camp philosophy below. Check out our "experience camp" page to see what a day in the life of a Dodgeball Camper looks like or to go on a virtual tour of our beautiful campus and rustic accommodations. The FAQ page has a wealth of commonly sought answers. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with us using the contact info at the bottom of each page, or chat with a counselor instantly using the chat box in the bottom right. We'd love to hear from you!

Camp Philosophy

Slovenski Camps are guided by the Liberal Arts traditions of Western Civilization. We believe in helping campers learn what we call the Liberal Arts for Children: swimming, dodgeball, capture the flag, singing, dancing, paddling, sailing, manners, thoughtfulness, reading classics, and cleaning up after ourselves. Summer camp should be a place free from the distraction of glowing screens. Campers will learn to have fun the way their parents and grandparents did — playing outside. They will engage in unique, exciting activities that teach real-life skills such as mental toughness, how to work alone and in teams, how to quickly adapt to new rules and conditions, and how to defend yourself with Battle Rockets and dodgeballs.

Our talented staff is trained to inspire fair play, good sportsmanship, bravery, and exercise. We play a lot of active games. We use exercise for fun, and exercise for consequences. Similar to an old school athletic team practice, our activities often include running, push-ups, or swinging a lap. Counselors, campers, and even camp directors participate in the active games and exercise. In the fun of competition campers will create new friendships.

A day at camp includes games, education, and exposure to the arts including classic literature, music, dance, and poetry. Campers hear and often learn to memorize poems such as "No Man is an Island" by John Donne, "If" by Rudyard Kipling, "The Happy Warrior" by William Wordsworth, and "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll. Camp also includes free time periods similar to the freedom children have during school recess or while playing with friends in the neighborhood.

Each evening concludes with a campfire that features contests, singing, dancing, recognition, stories, and encouragement for good standards of self-reliance and friendship that we remember from our Protestant Sunday school classes. "Thoughts for the Day" are read aloud at campfires each night, and include wisdom of the ages such as George Washington's "It is better to be alone than in bad company", and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" from Jesus in the Book of St. Matthew.

Children's Mental Health

Our summer camp program has been positive for childhood mental health. We stayed open all through summers 2020 and 2021. Our camp helps children enjoy childhood, while also learning a lot of things that are good for mental health. Learning activity skills and how to clean up after yourself are excellent elements of childhood self-confidence.

Our counselors coach campers in character development activities such as meeting new people, welcoming new people, overcoming challenges, dealing with the adversity of not getting what you want all the time, being brave (in a safe setting), embracing high standards of conduct, and learning the joys of self-reliance. Our program emphasizes mental toughness and grit.

2024 Rates and Dates

rates are per week

2024 all-inclusive price: $1380

Early Season Pricing (6/15, 6/22, and 6/29): $1220
Half Summer Discount: $450 off of 3 weeks
Full Summer Discount: $1200 off of 6 weeks
$200 referral discount for referring a friend.
Military discounts available.


For Boys and Girls entering Grades 3 through 11

Please note that camp is a co-educational environment
Each session runs Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning, June 15 until August 24.
Campers may come for one week, several weeks in a row, or multiple non-consecutive weeks.