Slovenski Camps

Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policies

Terms and Conditions of Service (regarding camp enrollment, payment of tuition, and camp services)

Payment of camp tuition is due by or on the day of the last date indicated in the payment plan you have selected (usually June 1st). Payment will be considered terminally due one week before the beginning of your session. If registering for additional session(s) while your camper(s) are already at camp, payment is due at the time of re-enrollment and considered terminally due on the first day of the added session(s). Any payments not remitted by terminally due dates give Slovenski Camps the right to void enrollment for sessions not paid for.

Camp sessions run from Saturday to Saturday of the dates indicated at the time of enrollment and campers will be lodged and fed between the drop-off and pick-up dates enrolled in and paid for except when otherwise arranged (e.g. late drop-offs, early pick-ups, mid-session appointments). Three meals per day will be provided to campers as will programming (including supervised rest and free-time) and supervision from 8am until bedtime at ~9pm. At least one counselor will be generally present and on duty at all times ("generally" here qualifying that the counselor on duty may have to use the bathroom themself or attend to an emergency which necessitates a transitional period before another supervisor taking their place) in each cabin between bedtime and the beginning of each day's programming. The camp is not responsible for arranging or providing transportation to or from camp and services provided begin once a camper is checked in at the camp facility and end whenever a camper is checked out at the camp facility by a parent or guardian.

Slovenski Camps reserves the right to terminate the services provided during a session to any camper (i.e. to ask any camper to be removed from the camp) for severe or repeated violation of rules, as determined by the camp directors. Campers who are asked to leave will continue to be housed, fed, and supervised until they are able to be picked up by a parent or guardian but they may not necessarily be allowed to continue to participate in programming.

Refund Policy ("Return Policy") for purchased enrollment

Prior to June 1st of the upcoming season, enrollment payments can be either transfered in entirety to tuition credit for the next season OR refunded excepting a $50 fee via your original method of payment. Up until 10 days before the start of an enrolled session, payments can be either transfered as all but $50 to tuition credit for next season OR refunded excepting a $100 fee via your original method of payment. 10 days before your session will be defined as the start date on the calendar minus 10. Since check in starts at 3pm, your request must be submitted to our email by 3pm EST. E.g. if your enrolled session begins on June 19, then the deadline to request your refund under this refund cutoff is Wednesday, June 9 at 3:00pm EST. In the last 10 days before an enrolled session begins, payments can be transferred as all but $100 to tuition credit to next season. At this point, we are unlikely to fill the space we held for you, even off the waiting list, so we cannot offer cash back. We make cabin assignments and order food based on registrations 10 days out.

Privacy Policy

We, Slovenski Camps, only collect personal information that you provide to us. This includes all information collected during the camper enrollment process as well as the family account enrollment process. The information given by you is used by us to provide and administer our services (including communications and health care needs) as well as to collect and manage payment for service. All information collected is stored by our registration system partner, CampSite. The following paragraph outlines CampSite's security and data safety policies but please see CampSite's security and data safety policies for more information. Our payment processing partner is Constellation which requires PCI certification from all processing parties involved in transaction; please see Constellation's security policies for more information.

CampSite leverages modern-day encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data and communications, including AES-256 and TLS 1.2. By partnering with Amazon's cloud platform, CampSite is built on a highly proven infrastructure trusted by some of the world's largest internet services (please see Amazon Web Services' privacy and security policies for more information). All data entered into the CampSite application by a customer is owned specifically by that customer. CampSite employees do not have direct access to the CampSite production equipment, except where necessary for maintenance, etc.. Database access is controlled at the operating system and database connection level for additional security. Access to production databases is strictly limited to a number of points.

Website Activity Tracking

The camp website and registration pages use "tags" to track non-personal visitor source information (i.e. how the user linked to our site if applicable e.g. from Google search or a Meta advertisement) and page view and interaction (e.g. link clicks, video plays) activity on the site. Personally identifiable information is not collected or viewed as part of this data collection process. More information about these standard data collection and basic advertisement operation techniques can be found by visiting Google Analytics documentation or the Google or Meta Ads platforms' documentation for how non-personal user behavior information is collected and displayed to website and advertisement operators.