Slovenski Camps

Camp Policies

Refund Policy

Refunds before June 1st:
Before June 1st we can refund you in two ways: 100% as tuition credit for the next year OR all but $50 returned to you by your original method of payment.

Refunds up until 7 days before your session starts:
Up until 7 days before the start of your session, we can refund you in two ways: all but $50 as tuition credit OR all but $100 returned to your original method of payment.

For precision in case it is needed, 7 days before your session will be defined as the start date on the calendar minus 7. Since check in starts at 3pm, your request must be submitted to our email by 3pm. All our sessions start on Saturday, so the Saturday before by 3pm is the deadline. For example, if your session is June 19, then the deadline to request your refund is Saturday June 12 at 3:00pm.

Refunds in the final 7 days before your session:
We can give you all but $100 as tuition credit OR all but $300 to your original payment method if you need to cancel in the last 7 days before the session starts. At this point, it is very difficult to fill the space we held for you; it is too late for families on the waiting list, so we cannot offer cash back. We make cabin assignments, hire staff and order food based on registrations more than 7 days out, so our costs remain the same as if you were attending.

Refunds on the starting day of camp:
The most common cause of withdrawal after 12:01am on the day that camp begins is homesickness. After noon on opening day, for 48 hours we will give half refunds if a camper departs camp. We take a loss in this scenario, but we think it is fair for the family and the camp to share 50-50 in the loss for the first two days of camp.

No refunds will be given for homesick campers who depart after Monday noon. Please coach your children to be brave and stay the whole week. It helps campers stick it out when they know that their parents would like them to stay and have fun.

Illness Policy

Illness diagnosed within 14 days of camp:
Any camper who is sick before camp should stay home, and will get 100% tuition credit for a later camp week. The credit can be used later in the same season or in the next season.

Illness more than 14 days from the start of camp:
Please see our normal refund policy above, which generally allows for cancelations for any reason more than 14 days before camp with a small administrative fee.

Campers rarely get ill at camp. But when they do get sick, we isolate them in one of the infirmary isolation bed rooms until they can be picked up to go home. Campers who have to leave camp early because of sickness receive pro-rated camp tuition credit for a later week. The credit can be used later in the same season or in the next season.

We calculate the credit due for illness by the fraction of meals eaten out of meals served. We serve 20 meals to a camper over the course of a normal one week stay: dinner Saturday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Sunday through Friday; breakfast Saturday. If your camper leaves camp Tuesday after breakfast, he would have eaten 8 meals, so the credit you would receive is 12/20ths of what you paid. Please note that departing camp for illness is pro-rated for the health of the camp. This does not apply to home sick departures.

Tuition Credit and Replacement Camper Policy

Use of tuition credit:
Tuition credit is granted based on the amount paid, not on proportion to session cost. If you paid $1000 for a week of camp, then you have $1000 of tuition credit for later in the summer or next year. The referral discount carries over across transfers. Multi-week discounts can be carried over within the same year, but do not apply to moving a week to the next year, unless your week was the last week of the season. When you cancel one of them, the multi-week discount is removed also.

Tuition credit is valid from the date of issue through the end of the next camp season. E.g. if you are issued credit for Week 1 of 2020, you can use that credit towards any subsequent weeks in 2020 or towards any week of the 2021 season; if not used, your credit would expire at the end of the 2021 season and could not be used towards tuition in 2022.

Replacement Camper:
You may find a replacement camper from your friends and relatives if you need to, and transfer 100% of your tuition to them. We do not want to be involved in these payments, so you will deal directly for payment with the family of the replacement camper you find.

Tuition Due Dates

Deposit & Balance Due Dates:
No payment is due at time of registration, but a payment plan with payment method and credit card information must be chosen.

Payment of your camp tuition is due by or on the day of the last date indicated in the payment plan you have selected (usually June 1st). Payment will be considered terminally due one week before the beginning of your session. If registering for additional session(s) while your camper(s) are already at camp, payment is due at the time of re-enrollment and considered terminally due on the first day of the added session(s).

You may ask for an extension of your payment plan if your camp session is more than a month away. You may receive emails in the meantime reminding you to pay. Sometimes we have office workers check on payments and they don't find the email asking for the extension. If so, please kindly reply to those emails to let the office worker know that you received an extension.

Camp Tuition Discounts

There are three types of discounts available to Slovenski Camps families: discounts for attending multiple sessions (three or more), discounts for referring new campers, and discounts for military service.

The multiple session discount begins at enrollment in three sessions (the Half Summer discount) and increases in rate at enrollement in six sessions (the Full Summer discount). The multiple session discount is increased for any number of sessions above three (e.g. if the half summer discount is $300 off of your tuition for enrolling in three weeks, the discount would be $400 off of your tuition for enrolling in four weeks). This discount is calculated per camper and not per family (i.e. it does not count as a Half Summer discount to enroll three campers for one week each). If you have received this discount and later reduce the number of sessions that your camper attends for, the discount will be reduced or removed and you may owe additional money towards your tuition.

The referral discount is received by referring a new camper to a Slovenski Camp. "New camper" here meaning any camper who has not enrolled in or attended a Slovenski Camp before. This does include siblings and campers attending a different program or session than your camper. Referral cannot be reciprocal i.e. a camper cannot be referred by the same camper or family who they referred. Referral discounts are unlimited but cannot exceed your family's tuition balance for the current year.

For military discount qualification and information please contact us via email at