Slovenski Camps

Camp Videos

The best way to learn about camp is to see it in operation and to hear about it from our campers. Watch through the videos on this page for tours of camp, footage of camp activities, and interviews with our campers.


Camp is a community unlike any other. Often described as a home away from home, camp provides a unique communal living environment for the development of friendship and camaraderie. Hear firsthand from campers about the Slovenski Camps community in the video below.


Slovenski Camps are perhaps best known for their non-stop flow of creative and entertaining activities. These active games and engaging crafts are the backbone of a day at camp. Watch the video below to see some examples.

Facilities Tour

Camp is located on a 90 acre peninsula on Panther Pond in Raymond, Maine. Some of our facilities were first built over a hundred years ago while others are only a few years old. Watch the video below for a guided tour of our slice of Vacationland paradise.

Waterfront Activities

On hot days our campers can't get enough of our broad and sandy waterfront. Featuring a spacious swimming area and a slide among other attractions, our camp's waterfront is one of the best places to spend a warm Maine day.


At Slovenski Camps, evening campfire is the highlight of the day for many campers. Campers participate in a variety of dances, contests, and songs before heading off to bed. To see campfire in action and to hear about campfire firsthand from campers, watch the video below.