Slovenski Camps


At Slovenski Camps, evening campfire is the highlight of the day for many campers. Campers participate in a variety of dances, contests, and songs before heading off to bed. Campfire is held on five of the seven nights of each week. To see campfire in action and to hear about campfire firsthand from campers, watch the video below!

Friday Night Campfire

On Friday night of each week, parents are invited to attend campfire. Parents are NOT required to RSVP in advance to attend campfire. Parents may attend campfire whether they are picking up their camper(s) or not. Parents should try to arrive at campfire five to ten minutes before 8pm unless they are picking up their camper(s) in which case they should arrive 15 to 30 minutes before 8pm to help their camper(s) pack up. Please do not arrive much earlier than half past seven. Please note that sometimes we cannot invite parents to attend campfire on Friday night due to inclement weather, other circumstances (e.g. during pandemic lockdown periods), or combinations of inclement weather and other circumstances.