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Jump a new PR this summer. Vaulters of all levels will improve their technique through our rigorous curriculum of drills & video review.

Sessions:  Sun-Sat
July 12-18 (FULL)
 July 19-25 (7 Left)
July 26-Aug 1(6 Left)
 Aug 2-8 (5 Left)

Full Price: $550
$50 off any 2nd week Refer & get $25 back
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For boys & girls entering
grades 7 through 13

Proven methods
High Standards Vault Camp will emphasize 1) pole vault fundamentals, 2) competition pole vault skills, and 3) strength & conditioning for vaulters. Campers will have extensive vault sessions on the runway every morning and afternoon with low vaulter-to-coach ratios. Vaulting groups are limited to 12 or fewer vaulters. Campers will have the opportunity to watch their vaulting on videotape throughout the week. Camp coaches will help vaulters break bad habits, and improve technique.  

Veteran staff
The overall camp program will be directed by Bowdoin College track coach Peter Slovenski and Cheshire Academy track coach Steve Slovenski. Both Steve and Peter were Maine state record setters and state champions as high school vaulters, and four year varsity college vaulters. Steve’s personal best is 15-5, and Peter jumped 15-0.  

Vaulting sessions will be led by former RPI vault coach Dave Slovenski (17-7 personal best), and Mike Slovenski (15-6). Dave was the 2008 Nike National High School Pole Vault Champion, and Mike was the 2011 New England High School pole vault champion.    

Drills & skills to take back home
The High Standards Vault Camp staff believes that a successful vaulting career begins by learning and repeating drills that teach vaulters the basics of advanced vaulting technique. After the basic drills are covered, Dave and Mike will then show athletes how to progress from fundamentals to advanced technique which includes acceleration at the takeoff, high plants, dynamic swing-ups, and bar clearances that maximize height. Each camper will receive extensive personal and small group coaching. Additional individual runway sessions are available to every camper at the end of the afternoon vault session every day.  

Fun ways to get stronger
In addition to vaulting workouts, campers will be led through an action-packed strength & conditioning regimen each day that will teach them how to get stronger and faster. Athletes will be able to work on power, endurance, and speed through our fast-paced and Spartan outdoor exercise curriculum that starts every morning with a swim in Panther Pond. Workouts will include hill running, jump rope, beach sprints, swimming, rope climbing, and punching a speed bag.   All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Informative lectures
Campers will also listen to presentations and watch demonstrations that will help them become more knowledgeable about the complexities of pole vaulting. Coaches will teach campers about other aspects of vaulting such as visualization, commitment, warming-up for competition, peaking, self-coaching, and clutch performance in championships.  

Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin and counselors on patrol between the girls' cabin area and the boys' cabin area.

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