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Learn how to build explosive power & channel it into big throws. Throw farther &
have fun doing it.

Rates & Dates:
July 19-25
8 Spots Left

Price: $525

$50 off any 2nd week
Refer & get $25 back
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For boys & girls entering
grades 9 through 13
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Personal attention
Campers will have an inspirational week of instruction in all aspects of track & field throwing events. Campers can specialize in one throwing event, or split their time with multiple throwing events. The camp will provide coaching in the shot put, discus, javelin, and hammer.

Northeastern's throw coach Jack Brady and Bayview Glen School Athletic Director Paul Slovenski will lead campers through dozens of drills that teach, emphasize and improve fundamentals. Campers will learn to achieve the proper summation of forces by using their legs, staying low, staying back, and accelerating into the finish. They will develop the fundamental techniques that lead to big throws in high school competition.

Build explosive power
Coaches will put the campers through high level strength & conditioning sessions. Campers will learn about the best weight lifting exercises for each throwing event. Campers will also learn about and perform plyometrics, hill sprints, jump rope, and medicine ball circuits. There will be water workouts, beach running, and lumberjack exercise options such as log dragging, sawing, and chopping.

Lectures and demonstrations will help campers get ready for championship competition. Presentations will be made about visualization, warm-up, peaking, competitive poise, and coming through in the clutch.

Analyze your throw in slow-motion
Instructional periods in the morning and afternoon make extensive use of video analysis. Campers will review many of their throws in slow motion and frame-by-frame with the coaching staff. With a maximum coach to athlete ratio of 1 to 6 per event, campers are guaranteed short lines and extensive instruction.

Campers will improve their strength and power through our Spartan outdoor exercise curriculum that starts every morning with a morning dip in the lake. Cross-training options will include jump rope, medicine ball drills, swimming, and splitting wood with an axe. All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Throw in some fun
Recreational activities that enhance strength & conditioning will include tug-of-war and beach volleyball. Every throwing session will be followed by optional periods when campers can elect to swim, kayak, canoe, play beach volleyball, or enjoy other summer activities by a lake in Maine.

Experience a real Maine summer camp
Outside of the activity and coaching sessions the campers will participate in an old-fashioned summer camp experience with a mandatory one hour reading period after lunch for summer reading.  Other recovery periods during the day will feature card games and board games, and exclude cell phones, texting, and computers. Each evening will conclude with a campfire that features contests and readings that contribute to the intellectual and character growth of the athletes.

Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin who read the campers to sleep. Counselors also patrol between the girls' cabin area and the boys' cabin area and throughout the peninsula.

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