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This camp is your ticket to faster times next XC season. Register today to learn how to race like a champion.

Sessions: Sun-Sat
July 26-Aug 1 (14 spots)
Aug 2-8 (13 spots)
Aug 9-15 (16 spots)
Aug 16-22 (12 spots)

Price: $550
$50 off any 2nd week
Refer & get $25 back
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For boys & girls entering
grades 7 through 13
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Best Summer XC Training

Individual runners and teams will have a great summer training experience at our Old School Running Camp. Campers will build a solid mileage base on beautiful lakeside trails, and develop a more efficient stride with the help of technique drills. Daily lectures from current college runners will include topics like navigating the recruiting process and juggling academics and athletics.

The camp will emphasize base mileage and strength workouts for summer training. Most of the miles will be run at moderate paces to help high school runners increase their summer training volume. We have a wide array of abilities at camp, from beginners to veteran runners, and we make sure to offer training groups for all levels. Runners will also have the option of participating in a hill workout and a tempo run during the week.

Top-notch coaches and counselors
The daily program will be directed by Bowdoin College cross-country Coach Peter Slovenski and a staff that includes current and former college runners from schools like Bowdoin, Tufts, and Haverford. Coaches will combine traditional and old-fashioned exercises with modern exercise science to help runners improve technique, efficiency, and running economy. Runners will do daily stride drills on the field and  sandy beach. Runners will also learn a series of warm-up drills designed to improve running technique and speed.

Beautiful setting
The 90 acre peninsula is criss-crossed by trails that run through an oak, birch, hemlock, and white pine forest.  The forest trail system follows the shore of the lake before connecting with miles of trails in the beautiful Sebago lake region of Maine. 

Campers will improve their strength and power through our Spartan outdoor exercise curriculum that starts every morning with a morning dip in the lake.

Fun cross training
Cross-training options will include jump rope, medicine ball drills, swimming, splitting wood with an axe, and swimming 400m to an island in the lake (optional and must pass a swim test first).

Recreational activities that enhance strength & conditioning will include tug-of-war and beach volleyball. Every run will be followed by optional periods when campers can elect to swim, kayak, canoe, play beach volleyball, or enjoy other summer activities by a lake in Maine. All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Experience a real Maine summer camp
Outside of the activity and coaching sessions the campers will participate in an old-fashioned summer camp experience with a mandatory one hour reading period after lunch for summer reading.  Other recovery periods during the day will feature card games and board games, and exclude cell phones, texting, and computers. Each evening will conclude with a campfire that features contests and readings that contribute to the intellectual and character growth of the athletes.

Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin who read the campers to sleep. Counselors also patrol between the girls' cabin area and the boys' cabin area and throughout the peninsula.

Include 2 hours of SAT Prep/day for $400.  Campers who select this option will attend two hours per day of SAT instruction in addition to their distance training.  See our SAT camp page for more information on the SAT prep curriculum. 

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