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Give your young athlete a solid foundation of technique & training methods so they can build a future in track & field.

Rates & Dates:
July 5-11
(Sun - Sat)
13 Spots Left

Price: $490

$50 off any 2nd week
Refer & get $25 back
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For boys & girls entering
grades 6 through 9
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Build solid fundamentals
This is a track & field camp designed for campers who are entering 6th through 9th grade. The camp will feature instruction in every area of track & field. The daily program will help campers explore all track & field events. Event instruction will emphasize fundamentals so that campers will start off with good habits that will allow them to continue to improve throughout middle school and high school.

The daily program will include instructional periods in the morning and afternoon when campers can select events for periods that will change every 45 minutes. Training drills will include hill sprints, jump rope, medicine ball drills, beach sprints, swimming, rope climbing, ladder running, and punching a speed bag.

Throw in some fun
Instructional periods will be followed by track contests and games such as relay races, standing long jump, capture the flag, scavenger hunts, and the greatest track & field game of all time: Man Hunt.

Personal attention
Athletes will receive group and one-on-one coaching from college athletes who have developed skill and passion through middle school and high school track programs in recent years and have then gone on to excel on college track teams. Campers will get personalized instruction as well as drills and exercises to help them develop enthusiasm for track & field training and competition.

High quality coaching with one-on-one attention will be offered in the following events:

Hurdles (High and intermediate)
High Jump
Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault
Shot Put
Middle Distance
Long Distance

Cross-training options will include jump rope, medicine ball drills, swimming, and splitting wood with an axe. All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Experience a real Maine summer camp
Outside of the activity and coaching sessions the campers will participate in an old-fashioned summer camp experience with a mandatory one hour reading period after lunch for summer reading.  Each evening will conclude with a campfire that features contests and readings that contribute to the intellectual and character growth of the athletes.

The daily program will also include optional periods for swimming, volleyball, and supervised kayaks trips. Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin and counselors on patrol between the girls' cabin area and the boys' cabin area and throughout the peninsula.

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