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The ultimate week of fun.
Avoid Nature Deficit Disorder.
Sign your kids up today.

8 Sessions, Sun-Sat
June 28 - Aug 22

Full Price: $550
$50 off a 2nd week
Refer a friend & get $25 back Dates: spots still free
June 28-July 4: 6 spots
July 5-11: 17 spots
July 12-18: FULL
July 19-25: 18 spots
July 26-Aug 1: 20 spots
Aug 2-8: 22 spots
Aug 9-15: 20 spots
Aug 16-22: 19 spots
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For boys & girls entering
grades 3 through 10
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Playing outside
Campers are in for an unforgettable experience straight out of a kid's dream.  In a world free of glowing screens, campers will learn to have fun the way their parents did: playing outside. They will engage in thrilling activities offered only at Dodgeball Camp. These pioneering activities teach campers vital real-life skills such as how to work alone and in teams, how to quickly adapt to new rules and conditions, and how to react to an opponent's strategy. 

In the fun of competition campers forge new friendships, and strengthen old ones.  Our carefully selected staff of college students are trained to maintain and enforce fair play, good sportsmanship, and fun. 

Fun, Fun, Fun
Each activity period offers campers a choice of activities which includes active options, leisure activities, and waterfront activities.  Active options include dodgeball games like Chinese scatterball, Gagaball, Bombardment, Doctor Dodgeball, and classic dodgeball.  Other popular active games are D-Day Invasion, big-wheel tricycle racing, SWAT team assault, capture the flag, Battle of Troy, and sock wrestling. 

Leisure activities include beach volleyball, Bocce ball, nature hikes, sand castle building, tetherball, and badminton.  It's no wonder the most common thing we hear from parents as they drop off their kids is "I wish I could go to this camp!"

Waterfront options include open swim, water tetherball, water basketball, and kayak trips to our private beach with wild blueberries

Build confidence & independence
A day at camp contains many structured activities, but also some 'free time' periods that teach kids how to interact with their peers, and give campers the freedom they enjoy at school recess or playing with friends in the neighborhood.  

Each evening concludes with a campfire that features contests, singing, dancing, awards, recognition, stories, and encouragement for good standards of outdoor living and self-reliance.  The 'thoughts for the day' read aloud by campers each night include such wisdom as George Washington's "It is better to be alone than in bad company".

Safe & supervised
Attendance is taken eight times each day. All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin who read the campers to sleep. Counselors also patrol between the girls' and boys' cabin areas and throughout the peninsula.

**Stay for multiple sessions and enjoy a weekend intercession program filled with fun activities and kayak trips to Hawthorne Beach.**

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