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Register today to combat
Nature Deficit Disorder.
Give your daughter a safe, fun week she won't forget.

8 Sessions, Sun-Sat
June 28 - Aug 22

Full Price: $550
$50 off a 2nd week
Refer & get $25 back Dates: spots free
June 28-July 4: 7 spots
July 5-11: 17 spots
July 12-18: FULL
July 19-25: 29 spots
July 26-Aug 1: 23 spots
Aug 2-8: 25 spots
Aug 9-15: 22 spots
Aug 16-22: 22 spots
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For girls entering
grades 3 through 10
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The time of her life
Swim and play in the warm, clear lake all day, sing and dance around the campfire in the evening, and sleep in the same cabin as your friends at night. Life could not be better. Campers experience an array of creative, fun, and safe activities in their unforgettable week at camp.  They will bond with old friends, and make new ones easily while having the time of their lives while they jump off the docks, kayak, and dance their hearts out at campfire. 

Safe & supervised
Campers are carefully supervised at all times by our carefully selected staff of college students.  Attendance is taken eight times each day.  Counselors closely monitor games and activities for fair play, good sportsmanship, and fun.

Old favorites and new
Activity periods contain a mix of active games and leisure activities.  Some of the more popular games include SPUD, tetherball, jump rope, capture the flag, and big-wheel tricycle races.   Several varieties of dodgeball will also be options each day. 

Our more relaxing activities include open swim, kayak trips to our private beach with wild blueberries, friendship bracelets, knitting, limbo, and drama games. Reading period after lunch gives girls time to read books or write in journals. All waterfront activities are monitored by our professionally trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Gain confidence & independence
The program gives campers many structured activities options, but also provides several 'free time' periods where girls learn to interact with their peers in the same way they do at school recess and in playing with their friends in the neighborhood.  

Each evening concludes with a campfire that features singing, dancing, contests, recognition, stories, and encouragement for good standards of outdoor living and self reliance.  The 'Thoughts for the Day' recited at campfire include such wisdom as 'leave every place cleaner than you find it".

Campers will be closely supervised at night by counselors in the cabin who read the girls to sleep. Counselors also patrol between the girls' cabin area and the boys' cabin area and throughout the peninsula.

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